Jul 21, 2024

Ga-Matipane village | Masopha High School Matriculants arrested for Sexually harassing a fellow learner


It is alleged that two learners of Masopha High School in Ga-Matipane village, Bolobedu have been apprehended this morning by the Police of Mokwakwaila Police Station for sexually harassing a fellow student in the school premises.

It is revealed that the first incident took place earlier this week when the first suspect came from the back and lifted her skirt touching her bums meanwhile the other hand touching her breasts, following the incident the learner went on to the principal’s office to report the incident only to find out that the principal went out.

In the early hours of Friday the 15th of October 2021  a similar incident happened to the victim again as she alleges that she was in class when the second suspect lifted her skirt and touched her bums and breast meanwhile swearing at her that she won’t go home after school, the victim later went to the Principal’s office regarding the matter and found him teaching in the other class , she decided on going to report the incident to a nearby Police Station (Ga-Mokwakwaila), the suspected even offered to give her money to transport her from school to the Police Station whilst laughing at her .

The victim reported the matter to the Police and later went to school with Police to identify the perpetrators, the two are reported to be Grade 12 learners aged 21. They are set to appear in Bolobedu Magistrate Court on Monday the 18th of October 2021 on a case of Sexual Harassment.

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