May 20, 2024

Ga-Matipane | Suspects linked to the attempted murder of Mmachikara to appear in court.


Mathukhwane Janet Malatji, popularly known as Mmachikara in Ga-Matipane, Mantswa village,was beaten to a pulp, urinated on and spat at by her assailants early March 2021.

The 57-year old woman was brutally attacked after being accused of kidnapping a 27-year-old man for muti purposes in Pelana village. It’s alleged that she was forcefully removed from her house and drove off with her in the dead of the night into the woods where the headman resides.

Her house and car were torched by an angry mob, following the allegations. In her statement on The Citizen she revealed that she was tied with ropes around a fig tree, poured petrol all over her body and put a tyre around her neck.

“I only escaped death by a thread after those they sent to buy petrol found that the filling station had run out of petrol. Instead, they set the tyre alight and burnt my legs, while others urinated on me,” she cried.

The 57-year old was later rescued by the police who received a tip-off about mob-justice . Ironically, the person whom Mmachikara had allegedly kidnapped and murdered came back to the village a few days later and went to the local headman, informing him that he had just been released from prison, where he was held for allegedly assaulting his father.

The 57-year old was later released in May 2021 from Intensive Care Unit in Kgapane Hospital following the incident, suspects identified to be involved in the attack are expected to appear before the Kgapane Magistrate on Friday, 15 July 2022.