May 20, 2024

Ga-Mampane regent beats an elderly woman to a pulp


Ga-Mampane, Ekanteen regent has been arrested for allegedly beating a defenceless 81-year-old Malesele Mpobonyane Mampana.

Malesele Mpobonyane Mampana






According to Sekhukhune FM the regent of Ga-Mampane Ekanteen in Sekhukhune, allegedly attacked the 81-year-old pensioner for allegedly bringing back a royal chicken and it’s chicks to the royal house , after realizing that the chicken  hatched in her yard.

Upon her arrival at the royal house, the alleged regent accused her of stealing the Royal house’s chicken and beat her up to a pulp with a stick she was using until she bled. Reports reveals that he recently got bail for allegedly beating a male pensioner, as this is not the first the regent attacked an elderly person.

The Police in Nebo have confirmed that the regent has been arrested and is expected to appear in Court soon.





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