Jul 20, 2024
Business Economy

From Essential Goods to Unnecessary Grocery Items


Imagine chipping out R100 for an essential grocery item. Due to the sudden and constant increase in oil prices, which led to petrol hike and now cooking oil escalates.

Your chef days are over, using cooking oil sparingly is the new norm. Every week, people are shocked by the sudden increase of cooking oil in a short space of time.

Social users are even joking about the increase, one Facebook user wrote a post on Facebook saying: “yooo gape ke bona cooking oil kagara plastic grosser ka mo taxing an mongwayona orobetse,” meaning I see a cooking oils inside a grocery plastic inside the taxi and its owner is asleep. Another user said it looks as as though she will start having to use Vaseline to cook since margarine is also expensive.

Should the inflation of oil put the blame of the war between Russia and Ukraine, however the price has been also slightly increasing long before the war, but it can be said that the war forced the sudden increase.