Jun 22, 2024

Fourie Mobai | Murder suspects of Bolobedu taxi owner to appear in court


Four suspects set to appear in court on Thursday for the murder of a well-known taxi owner Fourie Mobai and his Companion.

According to earlier reports, Fourie Mobai and Deborah Moila were shot and killed on the 10 August 2021 at the Tokyo Filling Station in Mothlabaneng cross. The two were travelling from Bellevue East in a white VW Polo, when they adjourned their journey at the filling station. Mobai went into one of the stores at the station while his companion remained in the car.

Within a short period of time, two suspects surfaced with one entering the store, firing shots at Mobai while the other one shot Mobai’s companion. The two suspects fled immediately from the scene afterwards, leaving the two victims for dead. A declaration of death was made on the scene. Mobai was the Deputy Secretary of Balobedu Long-Distance Taxi Association (BALDTA).

According to reports the incident took place at around 19:20, the police later launched a manhunt and two inquest dockets of murder at Kgapane Police Station, which later was transferred to the Provincial office and a team was established to track down the suspects. An in-depth investigation was conducted and on the 10th of September four suspects were apprehended by Willikie K9 Security Company in Tzaneen (1) and Tembisa (3), the suspects are aged between the ages of 30-40.

During the arrest a 9mm pistol was recovered with ammunition and a Toyota Quantum which was used during the double murder, the four suspects are believed to be taxi operators linked to a taxi organization in Bolobedu. The four suspects are set to appear in Bolobedu Magistrate Court , Ga-Kgapane on Thursday 21 October.

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