Jul 21, 2024

Four goats discovered inside a bakkie.


With the festive season approaching crime seems to be a daily exercise in Bolobedu, criminals are now stealing livestock. Police are searching for suspects who stole four goats in a van.

On Sunday evening 21 November 2021, police officers of Ga-Mokwakwaila were on patrol when they   spotted a white Nissan 1400. Police tried to stop the vehicle; however, the driver drove off in high speed which made the police grow suspicious of the vehicle.

Upon pursuing the vehicle and catching up with it, suspects fled the scene on foot to the nearest bush leading to the discovery of four goats by police. The goats are believed to have been stolen at Ga-Femane village just outside Ga-Mokwakwaila on Sunday.

According to the investigation made by the police, the owner of the four goats is still unknown, and the vehicle was towed by the police along with the goats to Ga-Mokwakwaila SAPS.

A Facebook user on Facebook, Gladwell Mojela stated that ‘’Just imagine, can one think of stealing goats it seems like this day’s criminals just steal whatever they want.’’ meanwhile Baloyi Zyila wrote ‘’it’s a shame, they should put the same efforts in finding gang leaders, rapists and murderers the world would be a better place.’’

Police are pleading to anyone who might’ve lost goats to come and identify them at the station, suspects are also unknown and anyone with information can contact Warrant officer Nthai Modjadji on 060 996 0062