Jul 20, 2024

Four Dead Bodies Found in Benoni


Four dead bodies left on the side of the road in Snake Road Cnr Voortrekker road of Benoni. Speculation from residents say the bodies my allegedly belong to Zama Zamas who have in the recent damaged roads due to underground bombings.

The four bodies were wrapped and placed on the side of the road for motorists to witness. Illegal miners have made it a norm to place bodies on the side of the road in attempt to get the bodies to their families. In 2021, a similar scene took place in Orkney North West, were countless corpse immerged from the grown with phone numbers and names.

Illegal mining is becoming a pandemic in South Africa as more and more abandoned mines or old mines are being highjacked by Zama Zamas. They have posed a thread to residents who reside near the mineral sites as allegations and reports of gun shots around the area are being reported. In the previous day’s, pictures of bombed roads in Benoni and around Ekurhuleni, have been circulating social media to warn motorists.

More and more Zama Zamas have occupied the mines, with some occupying operating mines, jeopardizing employees and the Economy. Their operation has proved to be violent, putting a lot at risk, including the SAPS and Guards who attend to calls of gunshot at times. Orkney is one of the town battling to manage the situation and insure the safety of residents nearby as illegal miners tend to take their violence into town. Petrol attendants have now sought to working with bullet proofs on rather than being out of work.