Jun 18, 2024

Forum for Service Delivery to ensure clinics are open 24 Hours | Is F4SD the mini EFF?

Forum for service delivery

Forum for Service Delivery is a political party founded in 2015 led by Dr. Mbahare Kekana with the aim of addressing sanitation, housing, economic and environmental issues to name a few.

Forum for Service Delivery contested 2016 Municipal elections in five provinces and managed to win 31 seats, one in both Mpumalanga and Free State and 29 in the Northwest province. The party is aiming to improve from their 2016 heroics after announcing that this year they will be contesting elections in eight provinces with the exclusion of Western Cape.

After failing to win a single sit in 2019 national elections it remains to be seen how the party will perform in this upcoming local elections. Forum 4 service delivery recently launched their election manifesto and announced their mayoral candidates, their leader urged the people to give his party a chance by voting for them in 61 municipalities and 358 wards they will be contesting.

F4SD said if they win elections they will ensure the are investors in municipalities and give out R200 000 housing vouchers to complete unfinished housing projects, continued to state that they will open teachers colleges and build universities in every region.

One could notice similarities between the EFF and F4SD outlined issues to be dealt with, but understandably so health care issues needing urgent attention Forum for Service Delivery said they will ensure clinics are open 24 hours and door to door delivery of medication for the elderly who are 80 years old and above.



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