Jun 22, 2024

Former Mamelodi Sundowns Star Spotted on the Streets

Former Mamelodi  Sundowns soccer star Khayelihle Shozi was spotted living on the streets, feeding from dustbins.

The family of the former PSL footballer issued out a missing persons post on social media, urging  the public and close friends to assist in finding their son. Shozi has been missing for weeks with no one able to reach him, which alerted the family he might be in trouble or something might have happened to him.

After the missing post reach places, he was last seen eating from the dustbin carrying and collecting unknown stuff while wearing torn unclean clothes.  The midfielder broke many hearts of those who knew him and the skill he showed on the field.

His former Sundowns coach also called for the public to help find the former player. It is believed that Shozi may not be mentally well wherever he is, he was allegedly identified with no shoes and carrying his soccer boots. Rumors’ has it the player players suffered from depression soon after his tenure with Sundowns ended.

“He was last spotted in Richards Bay” while others say they saw him in Gauteng. The family has not confirmed if indeed the man in the picture is their son.

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