May 28, 2024
Wrestling WWE

Former Diva’s Champion Paige is leaving the WWE


The former youngest Diva’s champion Paige has announced that she is leaving the wwe, though she stated that she will certainly get back to the ring soon even though she doesn’t know when.

The 29 year old Paige joined the wwe more than 10 years ago as a teenager, before joining the wwe main roster in 2014, making a huge impact after wrestlemania 30 defeating AJ Lee for the wwe Diva’s champion to be crowned the youngest ever women’s champion in the wwe. She shared an emotional letter post on social media announcing the news.

“July 7 will be my last day with WWE,” Paige said. “I’m so thankful and I appreciate the opportunities that the company has given me. I know after my neck injury taking me out of in-ring status, it was pretty hard to keep me around for as long as you did and for that I’m thankful too.”

The wwe shared Paige family’s wrestling love on wwe movie, she went on to also thank the wwe universe “Thank you the wwe universe you guys are the most passionate group of fans I’ve ever seen. Hope you continue to stay on this journey with me.”

“I think the toughest part  weirdly enough is having to let the Paige name go! But Saraya is helluva name. Kudos to my mom for that one.  FYI I’m not saying I’ll never be in the ring. That day will most certainly come again! Wherever the return may be.”