Jul 20, 2024

Foreigners Re-opening Their Shops And Stalls Again


Shops and stalls owned by foreign nationals in Alexander are opening this morning despite threats of a shutdown by members of the Dudula movement. 

Police have been on high alert in the area of Alexander following yesterday’s clashes as the Dudula movement calls for removal of foreign nationals in the townships.  Foreign storeowner “I think it’s better now because the police have come, but sometimes South African people do not care about police.” 

 Some South African store owners are also with foreign nationals in this area. They are calling for Cyril Ramaphosa to ensure that the South African defense force and the army patrol are put in this area. 

 They say during Lockdown in the last two years, when the patrols were taking place, law and order and safety was present in Alexander, and they never had to fear for their safety and live hood. 

 Foreign national traders want more security to come through from law and order and South African defense force. They also want the government to intervene further.