Jun 15, 2024

Floods | Mzansi on Prayers for Ladysmith’s Natural Disaster

Ladysmith flooding

South Africa on prayer mode for Ladysmith KwaZulu Natal after a natural disaster hit, caused by heavy rain.

Unpredictable weather conditions hit Ladysmith leaving thousands homeless. A rescue team is working around the clock rescuing people who were left stuck in their flats or homes. Private property and personal items float on water that is as high as a deep end pool.

Earlier in the day a family with an infant included, were rescued from the fast flowing floods that covered furniture’s as though there is none.

Motor vehicles buried under water with some floating away made it a little difficult for the rescue boat to reach certain areas, however divers managed to reach and rescue people stuck in areas beyond reach.

The country is circulating images and video clips of the disaster and rescue team at work, calling for prayers as rain destroys throughout the country on a daily basis. Organizations say they plan to visit the area and offer help where needed once the water has subsided and safe to do so.

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