Jun 15, 2024

Fans show up in huge numbers for Killer Kau’s memorial service

Killer Kau performing after school EP

Mourning Supporters took to the streets of Soweto on Wednesday night in memory of the Amapiano young legend Killer Kau, following an invitation that made the rounds on social media, inviting fans to a candle light ceremony that took place at 00257 Mbonambi street Zondi.

The crowd chanted out killer Kaus signature intro ‘Hello Killer Kau’ and his other favourite sounds. Killer Kau was known for his extraordinary deep voice and remarkable dance moves with unparalleled hit songs. Many of his supporters declared to our reporters, their pain of losing killer Kau after the great music he blessed them, making sure the party is always a “vibe” when the DJ plays his songs.

“We love you killer Kau” can be heard in the dark with supporters carrying out their candles and phone torches out. A great loss it is for the music industry to lose such a young talented artist in the entertainment world. It was not just the fans that remembered the artist, Kabelo Motha known as Kabza De Small, shared the memories on his instagram, those he had with Killer Kau on while they were making music together, showing the fans the happy smiles and cheerful laughter’s seen on the videos.

More memorial services are still yet to take place in honour of the other 4 parties that were involved in the accident on that same night. Mpura Mpura known to have been close with Killer Kau will be celebrated tonight at 18:00pm at Kgaragogo Street Meadowlands Zone 8 and Khanya known as ‘The Voice’ will have a memorial service held for him at 14:00 – 16:00 at 70 Juta street Braamfontein, supporters are urged to wear a touch of green, bring along flowers or anything to place on his honour and to also bring candles with.

A Tribute Convoy to the crime scene, will be underway at 12:00, everyone is to meet with the organisers at Shell Garage near Lanseria Airport. Flowers and candles will be placed on site.

Killer Kau will be remembered for his big smile, energetic mood, dance moves and the voice that the ladies adored. Their burials will take place these week but a specific date has not yet been released to the public.


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