Jul 20, 2024

Fans Shoot Makhadzi for Broken English


The Limpopo star and hit maker Makhadzi endures shots fire from fans who feel her English is too broken for their liking. Because she’s known for making videos and live feeds, on the recent ones, her followers threw insults towards their Haka Matorokisi hit maker. Haters did not hold back their bitter words with making fun of her English.

Although many were negative, some got the courage to motivate her to not be afraid to use her mother tongue and if she feels her fans will not understand Venda, she can use SePedi as her fans may be all over but many originate from Limpopo.

It can be understandable why Makhadzi sees the need to use the international language to interact with her fans, due to many finding her mother tongue as difficult to understand and learn. It is rather sad how there are still people who mock others for their English. However even though all this transpired, loyal and understanding fans came to her rescue countless times, questioning the haters as to what has their fluent English done for them because unlike Makhadzi, her broken English has landed her wealth.

She has in the recent time trended for her push that was described As a powerful pad on the back. Makhadzi during a performance pushed one of her dancers off the stage and she later issued a live statement, explaining on the video that her intention was not to push her off stage but to make her aware that spilling water on stage could lead to disadvantage. The clip of the dancer falling was misinterpreted and we later got a picture of all the crew including the pushed dancer, and on the picture all looked normal.