Apr 18, 2024

Fans Lose Hope in Naaq Winning The Match


Only a day to go and Team Naakmusiq have lost hope in thinking he will win this one. Cassper Nyovest and Naakmusiq are set to meet in the ring for CelebCity boxing match taking place in Sun City Rustenburg 09 April 2022.

From day one Don Billiato has been a marketing guru when it involves this coming fight. Nyovest on a daily basis promoted the match if not hourly, he linked everything to it, including the Will Smith smack. But for Naak, it’s a different story. He was more on Huaweii than the fight, it was as though he won’t be part of it as advertised.

Along the lines everyone was on Team Cassper Nyovest, and only recent have fans and believers of Naakmusiq emerged from the ground, indicating high hopes. However in a blink of an eye all that changed. Fans feel Naak will be knocked out during the first round.

It gets worse than that. Firm believers of Naak winning now say they sense Naak is being paid to lose, that Nyovest sure has enough of it to get him to not win the fight.