Jul 21, 2024

Fans Concerned About Venus’ Constant Butt Scratching


Big Brother Mzansi fans are concerned about recently evicted Venus, constant butt scratching as they compiled an album of her butt scratching moments while a housemate. Known for her gossiping, fans worried about her situation compiled a butt scratching album in question of why didn’t the BBM doctors take note of the problem.


Venus along with Nale were in the hot seat and unfortunately were evicted from the house leaving some of their fans sad but many happy that Venus can finally scratch in peace without worrying about who’s looking while Nale on the other hand, irritated many everytime she spoke.

As funny as it can be, fans are also worried about Venus, labeling her often butt scratching as a medical issue. Many said there’s a possibility she has worms while some said it’s piles. Her departure put ease to some who said they feel her eviction will give her the chance to seek medical help while having the privacy of scratching into it anytime she wants.

The house is getting bigger as many are leaving, but Memories 0f the evicted still lure the house such as much Themba always mentions and quote former housemates during conversations. MphowaBadimo had been yet again saved giving her a break from elemination, and this time it was the biggest gossipers of the house that had to leave, which is also sad as they enjoyed dancing and brought the fun during the Saturday House Party. However with Venus’ butt scratching, twitter came to a stand still.

One user said “I wouldn’t eat Venus’s food no matter how hungry I am” commenting under her butt scratching images circulating in the media. Some are even using the be kind dilemma saying fans should remember she suffered from depression.