Apr 16, 2024

Fake Prophets Target Students under False Pretence


Fake prophesying on the streets, is still on the rise in the province of Gauteng. Investigation on several relating cases is underway, to get to the root and incarcerate the suspects involved in the crime.

A number of victims came forward to report a fake prophesying crime doing the rounds. It is alleged that the suspects who portray themselves as prophets, are now targeting students for their personal digital items. They stop their targeted victims and begin prophesying to them.

A student who was a victim to this crime, informed the police on how she was lured into bringing before them her laptop and devices, along with those of her roommates and upon returning with the belongings, the victim was driven to the nearest supermarket and ordered to purchase a bag of salt and water. When returning from the market, the fake prophets were nowhere to be found.

The police are urging the public to be on alert to avoid being victims to this crime syndicate. People are asked to not entertain strangers who claim to be prophets, regardless of how legit they sound with information that turns out to be true, and to not take any spiritual advice or instructions they are given by these false prophets.

Parents are advised to inform and be weary of their children who happen to currently be students. If you have been a victim or you have tangible valid information, you are urged as the public by the police, to report this crime at your nearest police station or send a tip off on MySAPS App that accessible on any smart phones.

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