Jul 20, 2024

Faith Nketsi now Mrs Njilo

faith nketsi

Business woman Faith Nketsi tied the knot, just after men were still trying to get over Buhle Samuels shocking marriage announcement. The news came through as a jaw dropper, after many did not have expectations of her ever one day becoming someone’s wife.

With only an Instagram story and 3 picture shared on social media, the reality TV star confirmed the allegations through her Instagram, adding ‘Njilo’ to her last name. It seems the coca cola figured personnel has chosen a double barrel surname.

The news is astonishing but the comments are rather not as thrilling. Many are not positive with the news saying such weddings do not reach the 8 year life span of marriage, they describe her as a baddie who will just get bored from waking up to the same face over the years. One user commented to say during her reality show, Nketsi introduces many boyfriends which lead them to conclusion that this won’t be as different.


However as always those that think she’s all about the money say she has secured herself “the bag” coming to know her now husband Nzuzo Njilo, to being a multi millionaire with a net worth of over R230 Million. It is said Njilo own many businesses which are not under his name, he is yet to comment on the allegations.

It’s a rollercoaster for men who have been crushing on women like Faith, Bible Samuels, Nathasa, Blue and Boity to name a few, only for them to announce marriage, pregnancy and the “not single” status anymore. Congratulations are still pouring in for Mrs Njilo, accompanied by those saying they are expecting a divorce announcement in 2 years. In the meantime, Denis Zimba also tied the knot with a white wedding celebration in Cape Town