F4SD vs MICO | Two Independent Parties Publicly Beefing on Facebook


Forum for Service Delivery (F4SD) and Moretele Independent Civic Organisation (MICO) are the two independents’ Parties running head-to-head against each other to concur the wards of the surrounding villages in Mpumalanga, on the upcoming Local Municipality elections.

Beef is found roaming in the air as the leaders of the two parties publicly politely battle it out verbally on Facebook, after the leader of MICO, Thapedi Thapedi took to social media  to announce the villages they are running for and its candidates. That’s when the leader of the F4SD Mbahare Kekana, aired out his feelings on the event MICO attended held by Mmusi Maimane of the One South Africa Movement.

“You left us on the ground from the same village and ran to Maimane but let’s meet at the polls.” said Kekana, leader of the F4SD. Things did not end there; Thapedi had a comeback for Kekana’s comment, he had one for the leader and said “leadership you’re not on the ground in our village, that’s the honest truth. The reality is that were contesting with ANC and EFF this side! Mmusi speaks our language; he was very clear in his articulation and genuine in his demands.”

Maimane the Chief Activist of OSA, was in Midrand regarding “The Peoples Pledge Signing” on Wednesday 06 October, where he brought together cohort of Independent Candidates to sign the “Peoples Pledge” at the event held. When Thapedi celebrated with an image of the event with Maimane giving a talk, that’s when Kekana could not hold back but express himself.


Now with the two placing boxing rings out there in the villages of Mpumalanga, with elections a few weeks away, it is up to the audience to determine which party they want to see taking the match belt home. Local Municipality elections are set to take place on 01 November 2021. F4SD leader said “lets meets at the Polls” therefore, let the games begin.


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