Jun 18, 2024

F4SD Demands IEC to Act Against ANC’s Political Intolerance


Political killings during elections have become a norm in South Africa. It is so sad how daily killings of candidates are reported.

Last night, an intolerant act from an alleged ANC group took place in Freedom Park Johannesburg municipality. The incoming Forum for Service Delivery councillor candidate John Mandla Phangwa was attacked, receiving intimidation by a group believed to belonging to the ANC as they were identified wearing “ANC regalia in ward 24.”

The F4SD demands IEC to take action against the party as this is wrong in every way and unlawful. On a statement released to the media by the party, they stated on how they want to make it clear that when campaigning there are no “no-go” areas where the F4SD should not campaign and that “no amount of intimidation by any political group and by any irrational individuals will stop or prevent us from campaigning.”

They added on to say they are concerned about the political killings that are happening in the country, seeing parties mourn for their members. All this while, the killings were amongst the ANC, mainly in KZN but now the act has evolved to other parts of the country and other political parties.

The EFF was mourning the death of one of their candidates, making them the second party to experience the killings in three days after two ANC candidates were killed execution style at their homes. “There must be no spreading of inflammatory political rhetoric and just like all other political parties, the F4SD must be respected.” said the party in a statement.

F4SD says it is their democratic right as it is of any individual, who hold the right to choose their preferred organization to join and vote for. Therefore such intimidation from other organizations should not be condoned.

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