Jun 15, 2024

Ex Satanist Appreciates Mystery Book for Returning Him to Christ


Have you heard people say “God works in mysterious ways”? A man changed his path after detesting God for over 30 years, Brian Cole has for almost all his life lived as a Satanist.

It will never come to our knowledge why God does what He does at the time He does it. Cole made a huge change of life after coming across a rather mysterious book on the floor in his jail cell, and it transformed him, he said a feeling of being an outcast came to him and did not understand who he was in Christ as a young boy.

The returned soul to Christ explains on how tormenting his childhood was, he made mentions of having an abusive father at only 10 years, a mother who forced him to attend Sunday services and the surroundings of bullies at school who made his time at school miserable. Cole added on to say he also encountered emotional abuse at church, he felt alone and disconnected from everything in his life, up until a group of kids took him in.

The group of kids that took him in consisted of older kids who gave him attention, the opposite of what he was getting from the bullies at school. Cole shortly came to the realization that this group was involved in Satanism while he was chilling out with them, seeing the total opposite of his church upbringing and wanted to do everything the older kids did.

In no time, Cole was taking part an in his first rituals was told he needed to sacrifice a squirrel but could not as his love for animals resisted him from doing so. He was ordered to cut himself as they needed blood, and that was the beginning of an addiction to cut and self-mutilation. Time passed and the fear of Satanism lightened, with rebellious behaviour bringing him closer and closer to the belief.

The rebellious behaviour started off with Cole demolishing Christian symbols at graveyards and other religious places. He continued misbehaving until he was 18 and got arrested, sentenced to ten years. Cole’s misbehaviour grew more and more, the interest in Satanism grew larger turning him into a full on Satanism. He began placing an order of books on the occult and ceremonial magic, he spent most his days reading and studying the belief.

All this escalated as far as him getting a cross tattooed at the bottom of his left foot saying he wanted to stomp on God whenever he took a step. But that didn’t last, Cole started not liking the role Satan played in his life going in and out of prison. When he was 44 he again got arrested and realised the world of crime wasn’t as fun and needed a change, this even led to him thinking of committing suicide as he lost the desire and the will to live.

After commencing in the path of changing his life and quitting drugs, Cole took to the Bible looking to explore and get answers. One of his days in prison when returning to his cell, he came across a book lying on the floor. “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel, the book was about Strobel’s journey from being an atheist to having faith. Cole said after completing the book he couldn’t deny the existence of Jesus.

When Cole got out of prison, he became a pastor, preaching his story of redemption. Cole said his testimonial shows that God is always ready to welcome you back regardless of how you stray away. “Though we may rebel sometimes, God is patient father. He’ll let us make mistakes but He’s always there to pick us back up when we fall.” concluded Cole