May 24, 2024
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“ESSENCE OF LIFE” by Bvumi Hakhakhi Clinton

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Essence of Life is a book that was written to remind people about obstacles and challenges they face in their daily lives. It can be regarded as a friend that one needs to communicate with, to feel better and get the strength to push from.

Clinton discovered his talent as a writer back in 2016. He launched his book “ESSENCE OF LIFE” on 3 December 2019. The young writer who was awarded GEMS top achiever of 2020 is a very motivated individual who is always focused and learnt from life.

Clinton is an IIE Business Management graduate. He is currently doing his bachelor’s in business administration at Rosebank College Pretoria. He was born on 7 September 1998 at Elim Hospital in Limpopo. Hakhakhi went to different schools when he was young but eventually finished his matric at Muthuhadini Combined school in Limpopo. Furthermore, he said that by going to different schools he met people from different walks of life.

Clinton said the process of writing his poems is a very critical part because you have to know what you want to write about.

“I wrote my poems based on what I had gone through.”

“Some I was putting myself in other people’s shoes, but the rest of the poems are just about life in general,” said Clinton.

There are some challenges he faced writing his poems. With a smile, he said, “Writing poetry is so hard because you have to write something relatable to the readers.”

When the reader reads the poem, they must feel it within themselves that this poetry is relatable. “

Clinton is the co-founder of an NGO called the Voice of Youth, which is all about helping the youth find funds, tuition fees, discover their talents, and helping them to excel in what they do.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity given to me to inspire other writers who do not have the opportunity to publish their books. People who would like a copy of my book can get it from me.”

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Bvumi Hakhakhi Clinton

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