Jun 15, 2024

Eskom powercuts to escalate


It has been days now the public experiencing escalated consistant powercuts, with Eskom loadshedding level 4, Eskom warns that powercuts might be escalated further.

Loadshedding has been costly to small businesses, losing lots of money through spoilt stock and unprecedented powercuts changing business hours for most of the businesses, it is estimated that regular powercuts cost businesses millions.

Ekurhuleni residents have been experiencing powercuts four times a day in the past few days, so much that the city of Johannesburg has threated to sue the state power supplier for the losses businesses in Johannesburg areas have experienced. Johannesburg residents have been living in the dark so much that they even anticipate possible powercuts every three hours.

Earlier today the power utility warned that powercuts may be escalated further if the power grid remains strained throughout the day. Eskom problems seem to be escalating daily with no possible solutions being implemented to curve the powercuts. The new Eskom CEO and the Board seem to be clueless when it comes to solving the power problems .



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