Jul 20, 2024

Limpopo | Increase In Non-Technichal Losses Associated With Eskom Meters Tempering


The Eskom team in Tzaneen have been working on removing illegal connections at Gavaza village in Limpopo. Load shedding is one factor South Africans are battling with.

This had affected many businesses, many exam study sessions and family time. Some residents have been living in the dark for months onend and Eskom says, they can only put an end to this only if people comply with their rules and stop illegal connections and pay their electricity bills. 


Eskom in Limpopo say the increase in non-technical losses is associated with meter tampering, illegal electricity connections and cable theft. The team in Tzaneen removed illegal connections at Gavaza village, saying these removals of illegal connections can save a life as well as assist in the recovery of lost revenue.

People are urged to go the legal route and pay their electricity debts. However Eskom still has a long way to go in Soweto Johannesburg, after they had expressed that Soweto is one of the places they are behind in solving the electricity issues and people continue to not pay but instead use electricity legally with numerous reports on cable theft.

During media briefings, Eskom said load shedding will still happen as long as people do not follow or abide by the law placed and municipalities that owe Eskom a huge amount, some leading to millions of rands.