Jun 18, 2024



A 34-year-old South African record producer and rapper returned home with the best hip hop artist of the year award title at the international music competition which celebrates independent musicians. The global music awards Africa for the year 2022, Emtee was nominated with Mzansi’s most favorite youth’s rapper A Reece and yes he bagged the award.

Not song long ago Da hustler was celebrating his recent album LOGAN’s first anniversary and showing gratitude to his ride-or-die cohorts and Africa as a whole. He wasn’t the only South African rapper nominated and presenting South Africa at the GMA . Busiswa was nominated under two categories, Yanga Chief, Major leagues DJs, Micasa, and Mr jazziq. Micasa and Jazziq won the group of the year award and the best producer of the year in the n Mzansi’s discipline album correspondingly.

He shared the good news and celebrated his triumph on his social media accounts. “Can’t keep a good man down in it’’ His former record label the Ambitious records who he allegedly fought with as he told the media how the record label used to overburden him for a standard income at the end of the month regardless of the number of gigs he was ordered to perform to. They were tagged by supporters asking the record label how they feel since they had a feud with Emtee since he even lost his house cars and became penniless after resigning and parted ways with them not mentioning the fact they repossessed all his assets and they commented, ‘ we made his name big, we feel proud’’

In his interview with Mac g also mentioned that he doesn’t care about what people think of him and how they refer their music to,’’ yeah that’s cool I don’t put myself in a rap category like that, I just wanna make dope music and make catchy stuff ‘’. that’s when his fans started to be inspired by the Matatiele rapper because he does what he does with love and passion with a lot of people relating to it. They think he deserves it after the whole unpleasant situation he’s been through. they’re wishing him more accolades and winnings in the future. He’s strong enough to show his haters what he’s made of, he’s indeed a real hustler. Sjava, 25k are happy for him.