Embrace Project Activists, Handover Petition to President Cyril Ramaphosa

Embrace Project Activists

Honoring the fight for South African women’s freedom reached pinnacle on 9 august 1956 when 20000 women matched to the Union Building

The embrace project activists joined in solidarity and headed to the Union Building in Pretoria to hand over their petition to  President Cyril Ramaphosa, Which had over 28000 signatures, demanding the president to account to the women of South Africa and explain why there appears to be a lack of political will to eradicate Gender-based-Violence.

The rate of gender-based violence in South Africa is excessively high, the lives and enjoyment of the life of every South Africa woman continues to be under threat, with women’s month coming to an end, the Embrace project just wants the President to do right by the women of South Africa in fighting Gender-Based-Violence

Embrace Project Activists

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