Jun 22, 2024

EFF Set for Dobsonville Police Station on Nhlanhla Lux

EFF malema

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), issued a statement saying they will on Wednesday 23 March at 11:00am, take to police station to accompany Victor Ramerafe to open a case against Nhlanhla Lux of Operation Dudula for house breaking, intimidation and assault.

“The EFF will accompany Ntate Victor Ramerafe, who will open a case against Nhlanhla Lux for breaking and entering into his home, as well as intimidation and assault.” read the statement

Lux’s name has been at the tip of the tongue this week with politicians saying they plan to end his movement, operation Dudula. Cyril Ramaphosa, Julius Malema and Musi Maimane to name a few, have publicly addressed their condemnation around operation Dudula, calling the movent as unlawful and Xenophobic. Lux has on a daily basis attended interviews with big media houses and has explained why the movement was formed and it’s primary mission.

The public is not as thrilled with the EFF’s decision, saying they are now protecting drug dealers with the aim of dragging Lux down. It was alleged that Victor Ramerafe was linked to drugs in and around Dobsonville, when Operation Dudula took a visit to his place.

The public further expressed how the EFF likes being the centre of attention and do not find joy and seeing the party lose to movement with the same intention as them. They say Malema has an agenda with Lux.

During his address on Monday for Human Rights Day, Malema ceased the opportunity to badmouth Operation Dudula to his crowd saying instead of throwing hate towards “fellow African brothers and sisters” he should focus on sending frustration towards white people and demand the land back, while also directing hate towards the African National Congress and leave illegal foreign nationals alone.