Jun 18, 2024

EFF leader Julius Malema campaigning in Umlazi


Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, took a U turn and went to the land of Kwa-Zulu Natal in Umlazi where surprisingly so, the EFF seem to be dominating and the ANC nowhere to be found.

Speaking to the media, Malema expressed his excitement and relief on how just not so long ago ANC took over Umlazi but that seems to all be changing. He brought forward to the cameras, the EFF candidate of Umlazi, who happens to be a female and staying at a hostel, he said that has warmed his heart to realize their party is within the people, exactly where they have access to know the struggles people go through.

Malema said while going around, it came to his attention that there are no ANC members campaigning at any voting stations. He said “this proves that the ANC has died a long time ago” when it comes to politics and being for the people.

Malema has expressed his disappointment in the IEC as he says upon his arrival at the Umlazi voting stations, the IEC was using a “poor system” as he mentions they were writing on note books at a time where technology needs to be used, things like iPads and laptops.

The EFF leader has called on all the youth of Umlazi to register to vote and has promised that his party is running for municipality and they will take over. Meanwhile on the other side of the country in Cape Town, the One SA Movement party leader Mmusi Maimane, went with his wife in the early hours to register to vote. Maimane is also calling for the youth to stand up for what’s theirs and register in their numbers.

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