Jul 21, 2024

EFF leader Julius Malema | “ANC is resting in Qunu” | As he addressed the community of Sedibeng Extension 16


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) started by listening to the needs of the community members and most of them stressed the importance of necessary basic needs such as electricity and housing.

The Economic Freedom Fighters continued with their local government election campaign on Monday, Stating the importance of having 24 hours working clinics and hospitals in the entire country.

He continued to state the importance of having the same schools as white people where they are proper toilets and school buildings in the townships, Malema said that things can only be achieved under the governance and leadership of the Economic Freedom Fighters.

Malema stated that under the EFF government old people and the poor will have access to  free education, water and electricity.

Juju threw shades at the opposition liberation movement stating that the government of Former president Jacob Zuma and big nose President Cyril Ramaphosa is not the same ANC of Nelson Mandela, the Nelson Mandela ANC is dead and resting in Qunu,

Malema pointed the importance of job creation and youth employment, saying that under the EFF they will be no tender-preneurs all workers will be insourced and receive better pay and access to benefits.

Julius stated that EFF is pro-black people and have nothing against white people but their main aim is to better the lives of the poor and black people.

Malema said the government should increase the SASSA grants to meet the standard of living in South Africa. He stated that youth should go to school and stop teenage pregnancy.

He concluded by urging the community to go and register to vote  and put the EFF into governance.



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