May 24, 2024

Julius Malema | Let’s pray for ANC voters as they are bewitched.

Julius Malema

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)  leader Julius Malema addressed the community of Diepsloot, after hearing the needs of the people as they are preparing to draft local government elections manifesto.

Julius Malema emphasized the importance of land ownership, through  land expropriation without compensation. The reds leader told the community of Diepsloot that under the leadership of the EFF they will build bigger houses and provide electricity for everyone.

In his address to the community of Diepsloot the Commander In Chief told the community that the EFF want everyone to be employed as job creation is important. The EFF leader said they EFF want to create employment for everyone even those who are not educated so that they can take their kids to school.

The leader urged the community to go all out and register to vote especially the youth. He said the only way to change unemployment and youth issues is to register and vote for change.

Julius Malema went on to state that SASSA beneficiaries should get free water and electricity as the money is not enough to cover the services.

He went on to say “Lets pray for ANC voters as they are bewitched, cause no one can vote for something that continues to make you suffer.”



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