EFF | Dlamini Marshall in North West Ahead of By-Elections


Dlamini Marshall on 02 May ahead of the by-elections, addresses the EFF North West Workers in Mafikeng at the Workers Day Rally,to the by-elections set for Tuesday 03 May and Wednesday.

Dlamini Marshall is “encouraging people of Ward 5 in Mafikeng to stop voting for ANC councillors who demand sex for jobs, and vote for the EFF. EFF is our only hope.” He says the only way people will succed in being the revolutionalised is if they forget about the ANC and put all their trust into the EFF.

The party has been out an about for the workers Day holiday under Workers Day Rally, addressing the public. What has been on the news relating to the party, is when the political party announced they are set to form their very own union which will be to benefit the workers of South Africa. Studies have shown 70% of workers working under private sector are without unions.


Dlamini Marshall says people of Ward 5 must make sure that their ward achieves economic freedom in their life time, which will be done by voting EFF  in the next coming two days of by-elections, adding that, what the elderly can do for the future of their grandchildren is to Vote for EFF. Dlamini further added on saying “when the Councillor Candidate of the EFF wins, he must ensure that everything stolen by ANC thugs is returned to the people.” 

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