Jun 18, 2024

EFF Demands Removal of Gordhan and Eskom Board by President


The Economic Freedom Fighters issued a statement demanding for the removal of Pravin Gordhan, to dissolve Eskom board and the firing of CEO and COO of the company.

The EFF has in their statement described Gordhan and the rest of the board as unreliable candidates to have taken over the job and calls for the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa to dismiss them of their duties. “The EFF calls for an immediate removal of the unethical and incompetent Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan for failing to provide political leadership to stabilise Eskom and ensure a dependable electricity supply.” said EFF in a statement

The political party has further called for the Eskom board to be dissolved after it was discovered by the political party that the board has failed to provide a strategic guidance to take over the management of Eskom, also including the immediate dismissal of the CEO and the COO for being somewhat also as “blatant incompetent.” The EFF say all that Gordhan did was bring disaster to state-owned enterprises, using all his time as Minister of Public Enterprise colluding.

It is claimed by the party on the statement that Gordhan is behind the increase of the disastrous crises Eskom face and other enterprises such as SAA, Denel and Transnet after he lacked the proper political leadership, he needed to save the enterprises leading them to a complete financial collapse. EFF furthermore states on plans that were made to implement redistributive policies that will attend to poverty, Inequality and unemployment was to deprive the state of all strategic assets.

Appointing of the current management was based upon expectations of commitment in themselves to solve and “rebuild Eskom into a sustainable energy utility at the forefront of reliable clean energy.” They added on to say that since the appointment of the above-mentioned leadership, priority has been placed by them to show interest of independent Power Producers (IPP) which in this case are competitors of Eskom. The party has named De Ruyter’s hiring as “irrational and shameful” and has proved to being the right person to destroy Eskom.

“Gordhan continued presence in the Executive of the country represents the arrogance and disregard at the highest office of the plight of millions of businesses that are closing down due to unreliable supply of energy and many young people who cannot find work. The EFF maintains that De Ruyter’s continued unfettered powers are part of a racist project led by Gordhan to collapse Eskom to rationalise privatisation of South Africa’s most important strategic assets to control future political dynamics through undemocratic means.” EFF mentioned.