Jun 22, 2024

Nokaneng EFF Councillor Candidate Thapelo Leballo Promises to Kick in Hard


Candidates and leaders of political and independent parties in Seabe, Marapyane, Nokaneng and Mmametlhake are taking over social media, to boldly let us know that they have plans and they are surely running for the upcoming local municipality elections.

Just like that, Africa Newz saw the need to confront an EFF candidate who is running for Ward 28 in Nokaneng, Thapelo Vincent Leballo, on a Facebook post under the comment section and believe you, Leballo surely replies and gave answers to all our questions. He provided what is on for his manifesto and it can be said that the strategy he provided, was the creation of jobs.

The qualified A+ Technician did not say much but all he said emphasized the desperate need and desire to provide employment for his community. Leballo owns an Internet Café and says that’s how he makes money online, making him understand the power of working and earning online, using the internet.

The EFF candidate when asked if he is ready to implement change for the community of Nokaneng, he publicly replied and said, “that is my speciality, I am currently doing both on a personal level. We just have to do this on a bigger scale with more funding.”

Leballo was recently granted R15 000 by Ford, to train the youth in seedlings business but got disturbed by paper work compliance due to the death of their Community Development NPC founding member. However he has plenty planned out to make up for the missed opportunity for the youth of Nokaneng.

Thapelo Leballo’s manifesto list sits as follows:

  1. Tirisanommogo le Kgosi.
  2. A clinic centre operating 24 hours.
  3. To solve human made water crises.
  4. Form a ward committee of people known to have the interest of the community at heart. This will include Pastors, Spiritual Healers and one who deals with Eskom electricity blackouts.
  5. Installation and maintenance of Roads and Apollo lights.
  6. Support to SMEs.
  7. Support all sporting codes.
  8. Support to ECDs.
  9. Massive job creation strategies through Agricultural projects, with the use of private and public funding.
  10. Computer working centre for Learning and Online jobs.
  11. Online Radio (Mainly for Educational Programmes).
  12. Transparency in indigent list, RDP allocations and job opportunities.

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