May 24, 2024

EFF Calls For Parliament To be Moved To Pretoria

EFF Calls For Parliament To be Moved To Pretoria

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) calls for the government to save any money set aside to fix parliament buildings in Cape Town for construction of the new parliament buildings in Pretoria.

The EFF has issued a statement stating that they have noted the ongoing fires at the precinct of the Parliament of South Africa in Cape Town, in the early hours of Sunday morning it was reported that the parliament buildings were on fire which has caused huge damages to the buildings.

The fire has ripped apart the national assembly buildings causing a huge money damage, which has prompted the EFF to issue a statement asking the government to not fix the building in Cape Town instead move the parliamentary buildings to the capital city of South Africa, Pretoria.

The red berets states that moving parliament to Gauteng will save the government huge amount of money in terms of logistics for parliamentarians which includes accomodations and flights to the Cape city.

Eff states that it will only be fitting to move parliament to Tshwane as the presidential palace is already in the city. Economic Freedom Fighters think moving the national assembly to Tshwane will save tax payers money as most of the political leaders and parliamentarians already live in Gauteng.

Meanwhile the government has promised that State of the nations address (SONA) by President Cyril Ramaphosa will still go on, as alternative venue will be organised.