Jun 22, 2024



A chilling video has surfaced on social media showing a man seemingly distressed amazingly running on a small foothold on the outer wall of a building holding onto windows with people shouting and screaming in the background.

In the video, the man seemingly escapes from a room through the window and starts running on the wall foothold of the building with some occupants of the building attempting to grab him with one momentarily managing to grab at his shoe laces. It was a chaotic scene with people in the background shouting “Shaya” [beat him] and screaming and whistling.

The man (in picture) whilst fleeing, lost his grip on one of the windows and fell face first from the third floor of the building and whilst unconscious one of the men on the floor started striking him with a stick before searching his pockets and took some accessories the unconscious man had in his possession.

Multiple reports have indicated that the man had allegedly broken into one of the apartments in the building and was caught before escaping through the window attempting to flee leading up to his eventual fall. More reports have since surfaced alleging that the man did not survive the fall however Africa Newz has not been able to confirm such reports.

Africa Newz has come to understand that the incident occurred between Chestnut road and Umbilo road, Durban South,KZN.