May 20, 2024

Dumisani Ngobese Offered a Permanent Job with Fees Paid Up

Dumisani Ngobese

Dumisani Ngobese, the graduate from University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) who made headlines, has found himself a permanent job and his fees for the honours degree, fully paid, with thanks to businessman Calvin Mathibeli from Durban, owner of Calvin and Family Groups Companies.

The University shared Dumisani Ngobese’s story with the rest of South Africa and many were moved by the 23-year-old’s emotion on stage during his graduation. His story hooked many who offered congratulations and donations, but it was businessman Calvin Mathibeli who stood out from the crowd. In little than no time, Mathibeli had created an employment position specially for Ngobese. Mathibeli said there were other vacancies available, but he created a special one for Ngobese, who would start working on Monday.

UKZN issued a statement stating that Mathibeli who was moved by Ngobese’s story, was more than willing in offering Ngobese a permanent job at his company as well as pay for his Honours degree, which he is currently pursuing with the institution. Mathibeli’s group of companies works around “agriculture and minerals, and has 12 subsidiaries with offices in seven provinces and a presence in Namibia and Lesotho.”

In a statement, Mathibeli said: “I was so moved by his story because of his resilience, but also because of the similarities that we have in terms of background. I spoke to him yesterday and I was very moved by his story. Ngobese’s story resonated with my own experiences.”

“I was also raised by my grandmother in a big family, but our resilience made us who we are. I want to ensure that Ngobese is able to earn a living, so that he can also contribute to his family. All I need from him is to respect the job.”

“Of course, business is not for everyone… what we will do is to find out what his dreams are and we will complement them,” said Mathibeli.