Jun 15, 2024

DSTV Set To Increase Prices This April


Its that time of the year again were DSTV is upsetting its customers with price increasements.

Recently multichoice has announced that they will be increasing DSTV package prices for 2022, as from 01 April, and this decision did not sit well with subscribers.

Each package has its own increase percentage starting from 1.21% to 4.35%.

Customers have shared their frustrations and threatened to unsubscribe from the broadcast. They have tweeted saying “DSTV payments always differ and its boring, there’s no actual price, this month you pay this amount and the next month it’s a different amount.”

“I had to cancel my subscription because of their insane prices while providing us with repeats. We sick and tired of their repeat, we pay more but always repeat no new shows.”

Multichoice South Africa CEO Nyiko Shiburi said “we realize that customers remain under pressure two years into the Covid-19 pandemic. These adjustments will help us ensure that South Africans continue to enjoy the best value, and unrivalled access to entertainment, anywhere, anytime, and at the most affordable price.”

DSTV subscribers will be notified soon about the change  set to happen via SMS or email.