Apr 16, 2024

Drive-By Shooting | Two suspects expected to soon appear at Vangerbijlpark Magistrate court


On Wedenesday 29 September, two suspects aged 25 and 27 were arrested and charged with attempted murder and possession of unlicensed firearms after a drive by shooting incident took place minutes before Midday. The alleged two suspects were arrested, thanks to the quick response from the police.

The SAPS Task Team of Vanderbijlpark received a call in, on the incidents and managed to arrive at the crime scene in a swift.  The team found two victims in a white Mercedes Benz, the driver was shot on the upper body, while the passenger in the car was unharmed. It is alleged that four people driving a blue Mazda 6, started shooting at the victim’s car while coming on from the opposite direction of the oncoming traffic.

Police did not waste time in going on a hunt for the suspects, after it was revealed that two suspects fled the scene on foot. Two men were stopped and arrested as they were seen running away from sirens, upon their arrest, two firearms were seized after being found in their possession during a search.

An investigation will take place to determine if this was an attempted hijacking or to get insight on the real motive of the crime. The firearms found in their possession, were taken into forensics to confirm if the two firearms are not linked to other crimes committed within the Vanderbijlpark area. Names of the two suspects will be named once identified and they  will soon appear at the Vanderbijlpark  Magistrate court.

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