Jul 20, 2024

Dream it! Do it! And watch it all come grow to success

At only 24 years of age, the Award winning producer Tebogo Ahmed Rabohale popularly known as Tbg Rafael is reaching for the sky, aiming beyond its limits.

At only 24 years of age, the Award winning producer Tebogo Ahmed Rabohale popularly known as Tbg Rafael is reaching for the sky, aiming beyond its limits.

From Shamfana Village in Bolobedu, Limpopo, currently residing in Pretoria West Atteridgeville, Tbg Rafael has scored himself a second ‘Pheli Best Music Producer Of The Year 2021’ Award which were held earlier this month in Pretoria, after taking the first one in 2020. He is a multi-award winner with a very long list of awards and nominees to his name. Still with a long way ahead of himself, the recording producer song writer and rapper sought to victory and accomplishments in this musical industry.

Rabohale’s journey as a producer began when he was still a minor doing his Grade 7 using the FL Studio and CuBase to create beats, and that is where Rafael learnt how to produce. He has performed his music in various places around Bolobedu and Tshwane ranking as a versatile Producer with passion for Hip Hop, RnB, Trap and other genres.

The young artist with a list of rewards had to pass through challenges which resulted in setbacks but also, resulted in the breakthrough he can today be proud of. “The challenges I’ve come across thus far as a producer, is that sometimes you can work so hard only not to get good credit from fans so one needs to master the skill of that particular art as artist and accept corrections from fellow artists so that you can produce quality in your kind of art.” disclosed Tbg Rafael

Fortunate enough for the young talented artist, He has managed to accomplish greener grass for himself, working hard that luck came through for him. It favoured him enough to allow him “grace the stage with several professional and talented musicians such as the likes of Master KG, Static Dope, Chillibite Entertainment, to name a few.” Tbg Rafael is motivated to share his music with crowds both local and internationally, collaborating with different sounds globally

With the goal of reaching the markets where he has not yet been exposed to, he wishes to hear his music on national radio stations, dream of having his very own “Major Record Label” later in life and a reality TV show that entail on his life and musical journey. The 24 year old qualified civil engineer is appreciative of his fans, “I feel so blessed to have such fan base who got my back, to get me this far. I am So Glad and Happy.” said Rafael. He says he is thankful to them for helping win the recent award.

With more than 70 unreleased music and many other features including Eps he’s currently working On, Tbg Rafael has surely built a name for himself, taking home with him the following awards:

  1. Gama Awards – Best Music Producer 2019
  2. Mzansi Youth Awards – Best Music Producer 2020
  3. Pheli Awards – Best Music Producer 2020
  4. Pheli Awards – Best Music Producer 2021

Tbg Rafael is proud to have reached to the level of this accomplishment as an independent artist. “As I persevere I learnt new things every day and faith has played a vital role in my life.” He concluded.