Jun 15, 2024

Drama in Gambia as Barrow wins Presidential Election


Gambia has a new President, Adama Barrow who was declared a winner of the country’s presidential elections against five other opposition candidates.

Drama unfolds in Gambia relating to politics, from the three opposition candidates who ran the elections against Barrow, rejecting the end results of the election. Veteran politician Ousainou Darboe, Mama Kandeh and Essa Mbye Faal, have made mentions of not ever accepting the results, claiming Barrow as the leader of Gambia, stating an unusual delay in counting the votes.

Barrow concurred the presidential elections with ease, winning over five candidates with Darboe, the godfather of politics as one of the opposition candidates. Barrow was re-elected at nationwide votes this past Saturday. In decades, this was rather the first election that happened without former president Yahya Jammeh running as candidate.

The election has been bittersweet for Gambia, with candidates now refusing to accept the end results of this year’s presidential elections, that left Adama Barrow as the president of the country, now with other candidates shaking their heads out of refusal. Candidates say they don’t see it ever happening, being led by Barrow whom they believe foul play was involved, alleging an unusual delay in tallying the votes.