May 20, 2024

Dr Rebecca Malope disrespected at Sun City by Husband to Bucy Radebe

Dr Rebecca Malope

The story behind Dr Rebecca Malope speaking of heartbreak is finally being told. On Monday, the gospel multi award winner Dr Malope, expressed her feelings of distressed after an unforgettable scene took place before her performance at an even at Sun City. It turns out Bucy Radebe’s husband and manager is behind the ordeal.

It is being shared that out of the 34 years experience Dr Malope has in the gospel industry, this was her first time being disrespected and disappointed to perform. It is said that Thapelo Thoboke, a husband, producer and manager to Bucy Radebe, insulted the gospel artist and told her to “fuck off” if she wanted to. The story of what happened did not sit well with the public, they demand that Bucy send out a formal apology to the loved Dr Malope.

Dr Rebecca Malope

Fans and followers of the legend, have taken into so investigating and found that Dr Malope was not the only one insulted that night and that the husband is controlling beyond the ordinary. People say they are not even interested in hearing how the squabble started, they just care that the manager should not have done that anyways. Fans of Bucy have lost all respect to an extent of them saying they have just deleted all the songs they had of Bucy.

“I’ve deleted all Bucy Radebe’s songs throwed the dvd away . my sister is doing the same at her house. Am not supporting disrespect of adults especially to Mam Rebecca Malope who continue to contributes immensely to our Nation Building.   Long Live The Queen.”

The full story is still being drugged up, however fans feel they do not even wanna hear it. Despite the horrific episode prior the event, Dr Rebecca Malope took the stage with Bucy Radebe and still managed to give people the best performance for the crowd. She said she hopes such will not happen to her again. More and more disturbing evidence of Thapelo Thoboke being uncalled for, is being brought up on social media. People say Bucy should remover her husband from the industry of she still wants to have a career and fans in gospel.