Jun 15, 2024

Can MICO takeover Dr JS Moroka Municipality and deliver the much-needed services? | The strong hold of the ANC.

MICO Dr JS Moroka

For years and years, Dr JS Moroka Municipality has been the strong hold of the African National Congress (ANC) dominating almost all the wards of the municipality in both the national and local elections.

Moretele Independent Civic Organization popularly known as MICO in the local villages of Seabe, Nokaneng, Mmametlhake, Phake and Pankop is a youthful established political party set to challenge the liberation movement in the DR JS Moroka Municipality local elections.

MICO announced on their formal Facebook page that they will be contesting the elections in all the Dr JS Moroka Municipality wards. They have kick-started their door-to-door campaigns in Seabe village with the aim of winning over the trust of the residents and delivering the much-needed services to the communities like their slogan says “The champions of service delivery”

Can MICO do the unbelievable and remove the ANC in power? It remains to be seen how the local party will perform on the ballot paper, the 1st of November 2021. One of the MICO brigades Thapedi, urged the voters to visit the voter registrations and register to vote MICO into Mpumalanga governance.

The party has already shown their strides of bringing change and service delivery to the communities by donating sanitary towels last year to the needy, with their budget constraints and relying on donations.

While also spreading the word to the people on how they plan to Change the villages for the better. The outcome was both sided, some went to social media to express their faith and hope in this new party, while other said “we will see, remember with politics the 5 years they talk of is actually 5 minutes”.

Although some showed no interest in believing, many are hopeful the party will bring a beautiful change in their villages. MICO urges all the residents of Pankop, Phake, Phake-Thabeng, Mmametlhake, Nokaneng, Seabe, Katjibane, Greenside, Marapyane, Lefiso, Lefiswane, Vaalbank and all villages within the jurisdiction of Dr JS Moroka Municipality, to make the party their political home, a home they will rely on in fighting for them.

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