Jul 20, 2024

Dr. JS Moroka Municipality, EFF councillor candidate Hounarable Macheke capable of leading ward 27?


To many of dejected masses and the youth of South Africa who wish to see economic and political changes happening in their communities and the country, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) seems to be the only alternative to the African National Congress (ANC).

For many years it has been stressed that the youth of South Africa do not participate in elections, it looks like the youth are finally raising their hands to be counted,  as 2021 local government elections are highly dominated and led by youthful candidates.

One of them being Dimakatso Simon Macheke popularly known as Hounarable Macheke in his home village of Katjibane in Mpumalanga, Honourable Macheke is Dr. JS Moroka Municipality ward 27 Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) councillor candidate.

Born and raised in the under developed and impoverished Katjibane village like many others, Honourable Macheke was drawn to politics after observing the suffering, political and economical exclusion of his community Gugulethu, and Katjibane as a whole.

Many in the villages believe in his leadership and hope he will be elected to lead ward 27 and bring the much needed services. But with Leseleseleng, Terateng and Itsoseng sections included in ward 27 which seems to be the strong hold of Moretele Independent Civic Organization (MICO) it remains to be seen if all the voters based in this communities are willing to give him benefit of the doubt.



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