Jun 15, 2024

Donald Fearful for His Safety After Woman Allegedly Invades His Personal Space at Several Gigs


South African singer-songwriter Donald revealed that the abnormally frequent appearance of an undisclosed woman, at several of his performance gigs has left him feeling uncomfortable and uncertain of his safety.

The ‘Over The Moon’ singer relayed his growing concerns in array of tweets which caught the attention of some of his loyal fans. He informed his followers of a particular woman who has, according to him, been following him around to every single gig he performed at in the Nelspruit area.

Not only did the unidentified woman follow him to every performance he had in Nelspruit, but apparently, she also managed manoeuvre herself into his VIP section each time without fail. Upon successfully reaching the star’s inner circle and personal space, she would generously present the singer with gifts of admiration and force him to have one-on-one conversations with her.

According to Donald, the actions performed by the woman, has resulted in him, “…honestly starting to feel unsafe”
He reveals that the woman, who is most likely unbeknownst to him personally, has also been “harassing” his manager with frequent calls in a bid to get in touch with him. The entire debacle appears to be quite stressful for Donald, as he tweeted that he “really [does not] know what to do with this situation”.

Due to his arising concerns for his own safety, it appears that Donald has decided to bulk up his security measures to avoid any physical or mental violations which could have been entirely prevented. While his safety will be more guaranteed, the tighter security also does sadden the performer, as he tweets, “I love my fans so much and I prefer to be easily approachable in public, but what this lady is doing is breaking my heart because I have to tighten my security now”. Donald has not publicly revealed the identity of the woman at this time but is aware of and has checked out her social media page.