Apr 18, 2024

Do You Believe Sangoma’s Can Bring Back Your Stolen Belongings?


A lady from Alexander claims an “inyanga” helped her get back her stolen belongings, those who stole her property came forward with information as to where the bike is.

A neighbour whose house was robbed a while back at 12th Avenue said his motorbike was once stolen. What he did was to go to inyanga, the nyanga asked him this question, “What would you like me to do with them, kill or cripple or send them to jail?”.

The neighbour said, let them rot in jail. Before a week end, thieves came running demanding to show him where his bike is at. They were arrested. Stealing and robbing is risky and dangerous.”

People say they do believe in such and have also partaken in it, prove of it working can be heard here and there. Some say sangomas can even do more than just bring back your belongings, what can also be brought back is luck, relationship partners, work positions and many more.

A video of a man impersonating a snake was trending on TikTok, a man who gets out of his jeep wearing a white t-shirt with denim jeans, goes to the ground back first then moves from one end to another until he gets under a traffic police vehicle, and letter seen with a t-shirt off and a derailed appearance.

The question is do you believe if anything to happen to your property, will a sangoma be able to bring it back to you and punish the suspect. If you are familiar with this scenario, do not hesitate to share your story.

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