May 27, 2024
Entertainment News

Dlamini-Jones respond to Musa Khawula’s “baseless rumors”


Following rumors published by infamous celebrity gossiper Musa Khawula, TV personality Minnie Dlamini released an unsigned joint statement with estranged husband Quinton Jones.

In the statement, however unsigned, Jones and Dlamini state that the rumours are both false and malicious and do not only harm them but harm their young son. The couple calls out the whole ordeal as sensationalism. “Our shared priority is to remain friends and co-parent our son”, the couple wrote in said statement.

“You know the fact that you’re issuing that unsigned statement alone, it sponsors an impression that you’re tweeting from a position of guilt just keep quiet and let it go. People have already made up their minds on your matter. They won’t change it because of it”, tweeted one Twitter user in response to the statement.

This makes the second of possible lawsuit threats to the celebrity gossip Musa. He faced the threat of another lawsuit from Dj Sbu just last month after posting that the DJ was responsible for breaking into singer Zahara’s house.

The gossiper has shown little fear or concern to these threats and continues to publish the celebrity tea.