Jun 18, 2024

DJ Zinhle remains unstoppable | she marked yet another milestone

DJ Zinhle

If you didn’t know ,now you know that When it comes to DJ Zinhle, anything is possible, she has proven it not just once but a couple of times that  if you want it you can get through dedication, persistence and hard work and to sometimes not take no as a demotivation but rather a fuel to drive your passion.

Not only is she a DJ and a media personality but also the queen of bold moves ,she has proven to be more than just a DJ and a media personality by venturing into entrepreneurship and making the best of it while being an inspiration to many.

On Wednesday the entrepreneur and media personality, DJ Zinhle, marked yet another milestone moment when she announced Zinhle’s ‘Era by Zinhle’ store after it opened its doors to the public

Flagship store for her accessories brand is located inside the Mall of Africa in Midrand, Gauteng

She took to social media to celebrate her achievement of a successful launch

“This is a very big deal for my team and I,” she said. 

 “In a time where there has been so much loss… I realized how important it is to take time and celebrate every victory along the way.”

 Zinhle also went further to show gratitude to her team for the great work they put in, as well as to thank her friends, family and customers for the love and continuous support.


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