May 24, 2024

DJ Shimza criticised for not being able to do his own laundry

DJ Shimza

Musician DJ Shimza has come under fire on social media after revealing that he relies on his helper to do his laundry including socks.

Shimza tweeted on his official twitter account yesterday that he needed his helper to come back as he has completely run out of socks.”My helper needs to come back now, I’m completely out of socks, ke setse katsa ko bounce, tempted to wear them,” Shimza tweeted.

Mzansi tweeps have accused the musician of ‘abusing’ his helper as they feel there are some things even helpers should not be made to do.

“Was it really necessary to let the whole of South Africa to know that your helper washes your socks”, “Don’t disrespect your helper like that wena nja…why don’t you wash your own socks and underwear”, “I would be mortified to write this if I were you, helpers are not supposed to be slaves they [are] supposed to help you care for your household. Making your helper wash your socks, underwear or make your bed shouldn’t be part of the job description. Some things you have to do yourself,” read some of the tweets.

Shimza, however, seemed unfazed by the criticism further tweeting that he is sure his helper would not be embarrassed by the tweet as it is her job after all.