May 20, 2024

DJ Khaled look alike doing the most

DJ Khaled

Fake Lawyer, now Fake DJ Khaled, DJ Khaled and Kendick Lamar’s doppelgänger actually doing the most. @GeeHafe posted a video on Twitter on Tuesday, 11 July. In the short clip a gentleman who looks like Khaled Mohammed, who is professionally known as DJ Khaled was spotted.

The gentleman is first seen in a car where he impersonates DJ Khaled, saying “I appreciate you”  which is one of the author, DJ and executive producer’s famous catchphrases..

However, DJ Khaled is not the only hip-hop artist who has a doppelgänger in the video, as his lookalike also appears in a place that seems to be a store or restaurant with someone who looks like Kendrick Lamar Duckworth an American rapper, songwriter.

@GeeHafe mentioned on the caption that the video made him or her realize that everyone has a lookalike, which is possible. It really is possible that each one of us might have someone with their face somewhere.

You might have also come across someone who looks exactly like you or someone you know,  and we  call these “look-alikes” doppelgängers, a German time period that means “double-walker.”