May 24, 2024

Atteridgeville man locally manufactures dishwashing liquid brand

dishwashing liquid

Atteridgeville is famous for its political connections and being the home of some of South Africa’s talented jazz artists, but it could soon be known for its dishwashing liquid brand, Star Cleaner.

Star cleaner is a locally manufactured dishwashing liquid, founded by Mpho Bokaba from Atteridgeville Pretoria. He started the business back in 2019 along with his wife Dikeledi Bokaba.

Bokaba said the establishment was influenced by the high pricing and low quality of other cleaning products. The biggest motivation was his wife.

“I have been in so many businesses with friends and family, but the businesses didn’t last. Eventually, my wife sat me down and told me to start my own business and build my legacy. The business has been tough. When we started the brand it was important to carefully check into the formula and try to get the proper formula that is going to show the result, what I can say, is that trying to get the correct formula was quite hard.” he said

He added on to say in just two months, they managed to produce over 500 star cleaner bottles, and decided to sell their product on the streets, train stations, and malls to promote the business.

The business’ growth came through, when they managed to get into a partnership deal with the SSS superstore in Attlyn mall to sell the product. But putting the product on the store’s shelves is the biggest challenge for his business, due to the requirements placed by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

Bokaba said the dishwashing liquid is popular for its long-lasting foam, as well as its refreshing smell, and is trusted by the customers. “We have products that are still in the testing phase. We are still trying to find the perfect packaging for our product.” He added

Star cleaner currently has six employees, their goal is to employ more people, help fight the unemployment rate in South Africa.

He ended the interview by saying young people should put action to the ideas they have and stop procrastinating as that would only delay the progress.

To con­tact Mr. Bokaba / Star cleaner check him out http://@ star cleaner on all his so­cial me­dia plat­forms.

Or contact 0762021052/

    • 3 years ago

    Mpho bokaba his a star , nothing can change that, we love you brother …

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